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        NODKA embedded BOXPC series, supports low-power Atom, Core Duo and Xeon dual-core processor, integrated wealth of I / O communication interface and PCI-E, PCI, ISA bus expansion slots variety, easily meet the most customer's system requirements; our products are suitable for markets with high stability, fast delivery and service, and ultimately ensure that we have the absolute competitive and cost-effective products on the same performance.
        NODKA industrial computers follow the actual needs of the industrial site and designed to prolonged stable operation in harsh working environments with dust, moisture, shock, anti-electromagnetic interference and wide operating voltage, etc.

    COMLAC is a multi-functional small form factor computer core module, developed by NODKA and followed X86 modular bus standard. Based on years of experience and research with ETX, COM Express, Qseven, SMARC modular bus and combined with latest technology and development with X86, so new bus standard is proposed and designed for the needs of low power consumption and smaller dimension, as well as high performance. 

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